The images in this ongoing seres were created in response to the changing socio-economic landscape of my home town, Petaluma, California. As a small agricultural community, its winding backroads and expansive pastures have always been a fixture in the narrative of my childhood. In many ways my relationship with the land there continues to be a large part of my identity. However, after returning home from college I found Petaluma growing and changing in ways which made it unrecognizable to me and began to feel disconnected from the place I had always considered my truest home. Not only had many of my friend left, but the physical places both urban and natural which anchored my memories to this place were being transformed into pilates studios and Kombucha bars. I felt lost and so I began documenting the people and places which brought me back to the nostalgia of growing up in this rural California town, before they disappear.

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